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A Model Solution: The Release Cut

...I just finished printing the release cut from our 48 Hour Film, A Model Solution.

I spent some time today learning how to use LiveType to make the end credits, and while I had the timeline open, I trimmed some scenes to make them less boring. (Yes, although I attribute some of it to exhaustion, I did find that I was consistently going to sleep during the same portion of the film each time I watched it -- literally!)

So it's a little tighter (although still nearly 9 minutes rather than 7) and the sound design is much cleaner (although it could stand to have another 8 hours spent on it to add the polish it deserves), and I like it enough now to allow it to be seen by others.

The film will be seen by an audience on Oct 1st in Second Life and on Livestream. I know my team is excited about it. I think we'll have fun there.


48 Hour Film Completed

...on this date I turned in the first 48 Hour Film I've completed in several years. (Not because I've been failing all this time, but because I have been ineligible to compete for about 5 years as the City Producer for San Jose.)

This is also the first film I've submitted that I produced, directed, and edited.

I'm coming to know myself as adept at directing, and although editing is not the primary top skill I possess in the craft, I certainly can do it, and today I reached a new height in my ability to work on a project. Most of today in fact, was spent cutting the scenes required to make the film, and assembling them so that they make sense and have something resembling a decent sound mix.

On the sound mix front, I think maybe I missed the mark, but with a little work later, I can get a release cut of this film that will present decent sound design.

I feel powerful right now -- I took this on and although we got to the finish line late and with a film that's longer than the specification, I'm pleased with it. So is the team.

...on this date we hold the highlights and awards for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project in San Jose.

The show is in the Theatre on San Pedro, and we have about 80 people in the house for the show.

Tonight we'll have a chance to honor Christian Pizzirani who wrote and directed the excellent "Oh Negative" as his cast will win nice awards and he'll be recognized as the creator of the winning ArtShots entry from the past year.

We'll also have a chance to recognize Patrick Crowley and Gianze Perez for their work on Dead Weight Man and for their contribution to the event through social media.

The big winners on this night are R-Cubed which seemed to be nominated for virtually everything, Moonlight which will bring Richard Lopez awards for cinematography and editing, and Give Me A Sign which will win award for Best Film.

A good night.

Bay Area Actors' Sandbox

...on this date, we had one of our most successful Meet & Greet events in the history of San Jose 48 Hour Film Project.

We brought the workshop we call The Actors' Sandbox to the ground once more and conducted it in San Mateo at Meets The Eye Studios.

There were probably about 30 people in attendance total and we got footage from the actors who participated in the exercises.

It's not clear that this time we caused new relationships to be formed, but it was a vigorous mixer with a great workshop, and good turnout.

Our friendship with Andrea at Meets The Eye was forwarded, and it felt like the time spent in preparation and execution was very well spent.

...this is the night of our awards for the San Francisco competition. This is a big night,

We rented space in the Madrone Studios facility in San Francisco and set up for a very polished show.

On this night, we get to honor Tim Hahn and the crew at Chinese Takeout as they continue to have an Elvis Year. They are in everything, showing up everywhere, and winning top prizes in everything.

The kids at Stabbin' My Jelly are also going to be happy to learn that they've taken home some excellent prizes and are nominated in almost a dozen categories.

And the folks at Viral Media Networks are also going to be honored as they bring home Audience Choice Awards and Best Writing Awards.

The show is great -- maybe one of our best ever, and it's a delight to have partnership with Ben & Jerry's West as they bring in delicious ice cream for the crowd.

A grand show. A victory.


Giants Win the World Series

The season started with a 4-0 undefeated run, but saw the Giants drop to 4th place by the All Star break. But as the season wore on, the boys found their magic, and with the late season addition of some key talent, the team found its way into the post-season and then rode extraordinary pitching to claim the first World Series Championship since the team came to the City by the Bay.

There's much more to say about it, but this article from the San Jose Mercury News tells it best.

For me personally, this was the year that I saw more post-season play than at any time in the past. (Even more than in 2003 when I followed the team through the journey to a crushing World Series defeat at the hands of the California Angles.)

On the day they clinched their post-season berth, and for each of the other victories to move on to the next level, I was fortunate to see the game somewhere that made it possible to enjoy a find single-malt scotch at the end of the night.

What a great year of baseball!

The thing I hadn't counted on is the joy and pageantry of seeing the parade and the celebration afterward when the team returned home.  I've been a fan since 1997 and this is the most delicious and satisfying payoff I could imagine.

This video by a fan gives a sense of the highlight moments from the final push.

First Film Festival Placement

...on this date, my first film festival exhibition took place.

The ImageGazer Film Festival in Maine played our music video, "Words on a Page" for an appreciative audience. This was the first public exhibition of the video and we were really proud of it.

We have two more public exhibitions (after Sep 21, 2010) and then we'll release the video online.

It's a starting place...
This year I took on producing the San Francisco competition for the first year. It was a challenge and I'm sure we can do a much better job. On the other hand, we met a great group of filmmakers with whom we'd not been acquainted in the past. This was also the first year that we released a presentable highlights reel from the event.

This highlights reel was created from snippets of the films and footage we got from our friends in the rock band, The Beautiful Losers. Even a year later, we still enjoy this clip a great deal.

First 48HFP Screening in San Francisco

...on this date we held the first of five nights of screenings in San Francisco for the 48 Hour Film Project. We had nearly 70 teams set out to make movies for this competition, and about 60 of them brought us back completed movies.

Of the ones that were submitted, some 58 were on time and eligible for jurists awards.

After 5 nights of screenings, we submitted the films to a panel of judges for awards.

The winners of the Audience Choice balloting and the Judges' final decisions were recorded here at the City Web Page.

The Soul of a Citizen

...several years ago I had the pleasure of attending a live taping of an interview on stage with Paul Loeb, the author of Soul of a Citizen. Loeb's book explores the possibility that anyone can make a change in their community irrespective of prior training or education. What's required, he concludes, is simply the willingness to act and the tenacity to find the required resources.

Loeb has revised the book (in response to a groundswell of demand by professors, students, and community activists across the nation) and it is currently in its second edition.

This excerpt is representative of the anecdotes and studies he presents in support of the premise that the forces for necessary change in our world can come from surprising directions.

Well, let's have a look at it...Collapse )

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